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Emergency Services

Transitional Solutions’ Emergency Services team brings real-life, first-hand experience in various aspects of Emergency Management, Emergency Services, and Fire Services. This includes experience rising through the ranks, standing out as innovative EM leaders, and shifting into consulting and working with numerous organizations to design processes, strategies, and plans that are specific to each organization with which we work.

This includes areas of focus such as:

  • Municipal & Regional Emergency Management Planning
  • Fire Master Planning, including Municipal, Wildfire and Industrial Fire Planning, and Regional Fire Planning
  • Fire Service Level Reviews
  • After-Action Reviews
  • Community Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Disaster Management
  • Tabletop and Full-scale Exercise Design
  • Recovery Readiness & Support
  • Crisis Communications
  • ECC/EOC Establishment and Operation
  • Enforcement Services Reviews
  • RCMP Enhanced Service
  • ICS 100, 200, and 300 Training
We work with organizations in building local capacity to mitigate risk, respond to disaster, and build sustainable recovery strategies. These are not templated processes or plans. We believe strongly in using our knowledge of best practice, and deep operational experience, to inform the plans we develop — but we refuse to use a templated plan that we then try to “customize” to your needs. Plainly stated, that doesn’t work. We build your plans, and our strategies in working together, from the ground up, ensuring that every step of the process is designed with your specific needs in mind. We understand the sensitivities and challenges faced by those working in Emergency Management and Emergency Services, as we have been there ourselves.

Emergency Training

ICS Training

  • ICS 200 (up to 24 participants)
  • ICS 300 (up to 24 participants)
  • ICS 400 (up to 12 participants)
  • ICS Information Officer
  • ICS Incident Commander
  • ICS Operations Section Chief
  • ICS Logistics Section Chief
  • ICS Planning Section Chief
  • ICS Liasion Officer
  • ICS Safety Officer

Emergency Management Training

  • ICS Planning “P”
  • ICS PPost
  • Media Training

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To improve the operational effectiveness of our clients by developing solutions that build their internal capabilities. We provide best-in-class, realistic solutions that result in long-term sustainability.

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