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Municipal Government

Founded in 2006, Transitional Solutions Inc. (TSI) works with municipalities and local government organizations from across Canada, focusing on core functions of governance and strategy development.

Through years of work, we have established ourselves as a leader in key areas including:

  • Organizational Reviews, Departmental Reviews & Service Level Reviews
  • Strategic Planning
  • Municipal Administration & Interim Management
  • Regional and Intermunicipal Collaboration, including studies, framework design, negotiation, and facilitation/execution
  • Policy and Bylaw Development
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • Public Engagement & Communications
  • Governance Reviews & Studies
  • Emergency Management & Fire Services

Our team of expert consultants is made up of former CAOs and Senior Leaders who understand both the theory and practical execution of various facets of municipal government, driving organizations forward in a way that is not only strategically sound, but which is sustainable. We strive to exceed expectations, elevating municipal government as we seek to work collaboratively with your team in executing every area of work we undertake, while also building your internal capacity.

Our recommendations and strategies are evidence-based, informed by a deep knowledge of best practice and the extensive experience each of our subject matter experts brings to the table. 

We believe strongly that it is important that we approach all municipal projects with the holistic implementation of core areas:

  • Sound Strategy
  • Good Governance
  • Communication
  • Financial Analysis
  • Extensive Research and Analysis (as appropriate)
  • Evidence-based Recommendations


To improve the operational effectiveness of our clients by developing solutions that build their internal capabilities. We provide best-in-class, realistic solutions that result in long-term sustainability.

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