Providing Solutions

Transitional Solutions Inc. is a leader in tackling the challenges faced by — and providing impactful, actionable solutions to — clients across our three divisions: Municipal Government, Emergency Services, and Non-Profit Organizations.

Each division is led by dedicated Directors who have worked extensively in that space, and who lead a remarkable level of expertise through our team of consultants.

Our approach hinges on bringing together some of the top Subject Matter Experts from across the country, with bench strength that comes from more than 40 qualified consultants. These industry experts have lived and worked through complex changes and evolving pressures in their respective areas of expertise, and in a consulting capacity to support our clients and exceed expectations.
Each project we tackle is anchored by a core Project Team of senior consultants who work with you throughout a project’s execution. As a value-add, that team also works collaboratively with the rest of the TSI bench, as required and appropriate, meaning that clients are supported by an incomparable depth of expertise and knowledge, at no additional cost to the project.

Bridging the Gap

We pride ourselves on our ability to develop solutions unique to the specific needs and challenges of each of our clients. We ensure that all solutions, recommendations, and plans are evidence-based, concise, actionable, and realistic based on your capacity.

We do not create shelf documents, and we do not provide you with templated pieces. Beyond the core project, we are happy to follow up with each of our clients to ensure they have the tools necessary to move through whatever transition or challenge they’re facing.

Core Services

Our focus means that we are able to serve three distinct client spaces in a dynamic manner that focuses on actionable, tangible results:

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Municipal Government

Emergency Services

Non-Profit Organizations

Click on your industry, and find out how we can support your needs, your teams, and your community.