Benjamin Proulx

Benjamin Proulx

Project Management & Local Government Consultant

An experienced local government expert, Benjamin has worked with organizations across Canada to ensure the implementation of best practice, combined with lived experience and innovation, as appropriate and required for each process undertaken. As a project coordinator, Benjamin has a strong history of ensuring that processes are completed on time and on budget, with proven processes that create collaboration with the organizations with which we work.

Current Responsibilities

Director of Municipal Advisory Services & Senior Consultant

Years of Experience





Journalism, MacEwan University

Building Inclusive Workplace Cultures,
Cornell University

Effective Leadership Through Crisis, Cornell University

Indigenous Canada,
University of Alberta


Project Coordination
Internal & External Engagement Process Design and Facilitation
Intermunicipal Collaboration
Local Government Communications Planning & Management
Crisis Communications & Crisis Management
Organizational Strategy Development & Implementation

Relevant Skills

  • Project management skills that exceed expectations in establishing appropriate relationships with organizations for each process undertaken.
  • Intermunicipal collaboration, ranging in scope from shared economic development processes, to intermunicipal emergency management and crisis communications, to joint growth efforts.
  • Strong facilitation and engagement skills for internal and external processes.
  • In-depth research acumen, supported by more than a decade spent in investigative reporting, and local government work including organizational and governance reviews.
  • Vast experience working collaboratively with community partners to address complex operational needs, with a focus on both proactive and reactive solutions.
  • Ability to assess and identify organizational needs based on capacity, emerging trends, internal and external pressures, future growth, and evolving circumstances.
  • Development of recommendations that are realistic and actionable, and which align with organizations’ needs and capacity.

Project and Work Experience

  • Project coordination and process support for the Battle River Economic Opportunities Commission (BREOC) — an intermunicipal economic development and diversification initiative, comprising of seven municipalities. Work included internal engagement, communications strategy development, and governance support.
  • Project management and execution of intermunicipal crisis management efforts between the Town of Edson and Yellowhead County through wildfire evacuations, including the development and execution of joint crisis communications initiatives.
  • Project coordination and process involvement for Lamont County organizational review, including facilitating internal engagement, analysing process inputs, developing actionable recommendations, and creating the final project report.
  • Project management, and process design and execution for budget engagement for the Town of Morinville. Engagement is currently underway; we are analysing engagement results and developing final reports.
  • Project management for corporate visioning and values setting for the Town of Edson, including internal engagement, creation of an internal vision and values set, the development of prioritized short- and long-term recommendations, and the development of a final report.
  • Project coordination and execution for a joint crisis communications and management plan for a four-municipality Regional Emergency Management Agency in northern Alberta.